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The 4rd Workshop on Ada Technology and Language Diversity (AdaLanD-DESSERT2016)



The 1st WS was held in frameworks of the 6th Conference DESSERT2012,

The 2ndWS was held in frameworks of the 7th Conference DESSERT2014,

The 3rdWS was held in frameworks of the 8th Conference DESSERT2015,

The 4rdWS is a part of the 9th Conference DESSERT2016,


Основной язык конференции—Английский.

Заявленная программа рабочей группы (AdaLanD-DESSERT2016):

The Programme

2016 May 18 Kharkov, VN Karazin Kharkiv National University, North Building, audience 536

11-40 The First Session of the WS, Session Topic: Issues of software technologies aimed at the use of language or the language diversity

Victor Mishchenko. Welcomes.

Lecture "Architecture and technology of diversity in the context of information-and-control systems safety" – Vyacheslav Duzhyi, Vyacheslav Kharchenko (National Aerospace University named after NE Zhukovsky "KhAI").

The lecture is dedicated some issues of the development of a model, method and information technology for assessing and ensuring functional safety of information and control systems with the use of architecture and technology of diversity.

Report "Text processing by means of Ada language” – Dmitry Bikbaev (“ООО Картсервис” company, Minsk) , Sergey Kirkorov (“НПП МЕДИАСКАН” company, Minsk).

The report is devoted to the modern classification and  methods of tasks on automatic text processing. It provides an overview of computational linguistics methods that offer automatization solutions for both of search and localization in the problem of causes of ATM failures. It pays special attention to the toolkit for processing large unstructured texts, which is available in the GNAT-Ada2012.

Report "The methods for the universal implementation of the counting strategies: testing" – Tatyana Ashchaulova (VN Karazin KharkivNational University, Kharkiv), Victor Mishchenko.

The number of people’s activity areas that are depend of correct software are increasing. Thus, the importance of understanding IT industry problems related to software reliability and security is increasing too. In order to understand this, the knowledge needed to create reliable systems, should be systemized. We’ll talk about this issue in one lecture. As an important example of this problem will be considered «how the study of Ada in general, and the features introduced by Ada 2005 and Ada 2012 in particular, can help anyone designing safe and secure software regardless of the programming language in which the software is eventually written». The problem relevant to software industry discussed in detail in the JohnBarnes and Ben Brosgol brochure, published in 2013. One or more lectures will be based on the material of this original and interesting work, that still does not translated in Russian.

Report "Comparison of programs developed on the universal programming language and using mathematical package" - Alex Borovinskiy (VN Karazin KharkivNational University), Andrii Gakhov (ferret go GmbH company, German), Victor Mishchenko.

For the sake precision guarantees the implementation of the computational method, the development of a knowledge-based modeling program was preceded by the implementation of the same calculation in a mathematical package. The report is devoted to the comparison of these two implementation using the Energy Analysis. The difficulty was that the method and computer tools to evaluate the energy meters were available for the only one form of the program, developed in Ada language. The calculations in the mathematical package first needed to formalize. Then, it should submit a formal way of computing with the help of a software system scheme. Discussion the solutions of these two problems is the main content of the report.

Break (the dinner)

14-00 The Second Session of the WS, Session Topic: Reliability and safety of software, the problem of language diversity

“Current Ada-ru and AdaCore life” - message from Maxim Reznik (AdaCore company consultant, Zaporozhye)

Report " To a question on personal and language diversity: distribution of Mayers-Briggs types among programmers of north-east of Ukraine: " - N. Varlamova (VN Karazin KharkivNational University)

This report focuses attention to the fact that the success of the personal and language diversnosti to a certain extent depends on psychological diversnosti. Therefore, the distribution of personality types among software developers play an essential role. In the presence of general trends, this distribution is dependent on the geographical and ethnic factors. The speaker will announce the preliminary results of the pilot project on the evaluation of the distribution for the north-east of Ukraine.


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В конце января 2016 года вышла статья Jan 27, 2016 Ben Brosgol | Electronic Design “Comparing Ada and C ”.

Также ее можно загрузить в формате DOC MS-Word 2003 или в формате PDF файлов.


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Что нового и полезного можно найти в PTC ApexAda и PTC ObjectAda v9.2 узнали слушатели вебинара, который прошел 10.02.2016. Наиболее интересную часть вебинара можно загрузить/посмотреть ЗДЕСЬ .


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